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Hey!! Welcome to 2005/2006 DHSCO DYB webbie!! There are several interesting things around. Pls feel free to look around. If possible, pls leave some comments before u leave...

By the way, please note that this is not the official DYB website. The official DYB website is run by Mingjie-DYB SL 2002/2003.

This website is made by me, Xingzhong of DYB...lalala...

DYB Strength 2005
Cello/ Double Bass
Sec 1: 5/4
Sec 2: 7/1
Sec 3: 5/2
Sec 4: 4/1
Cello: 21
Double Bass: 8

We r cool!!!
DYB at Kuala Lumpur


You are currently listening to Chinese Symphony <<Qu1 Yuan2 Fu4>> Movement No.3 <Tian1 Wen4> composed by Mr Wang Cheng Quan. The song is played during SYF Central Judging 2005 by Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra. The Chinese Orchestra managed to clinch the top honour, Gold With Honours in the SYF Central Judging.